Boundless Website Design

boundless website cropped

I was the in-house digital designer for Boundless, designing many of their webpages that they built, refreshing old pages and creating new ones, here is some examples:

About us page with Timeline – I designed the about us page thinking about what was important information for this page. I thought a timeline would be important as it showed their heritage, I went through old archives and paperwork to create the timeline and I adapted it to function as a window on the website that is interactive.

Website design brand guidelines – I designed a website brand guidelines for any external organisation creating pages for our website to keep the brand consistent.

Onboarding to Boundless – A one page microsite onboarding new staff with a sticky navigation to anchored sections to guide them through onboarding.

Events page – I gave their events page a lift to give it better functionality, and better use of the space to make finding events easier and a better UX experience.

Careers page – See it live here. I thought the perks at boundless were important so I made them into icons and created a job board where applicants can apply easily on the site.

Contact us page – See it live here. Photographed a member services employee and added icons for contact information.

Logged in homepage – Boundless wanted a different homepage for their logged in members so I tailored the homepage to the users preferences to make it more relevant for them.

Book of honour page – See it live here. This was pages and pages of text that needed organising and easy to navigate.

Lottery page – See it live here. An exclusive lottery for Boundless members, these pages displayed the process in steps and another page for the winner announcement.

Partner directory – See it live here. I re0designed the partner directory to make finding a partner much easier for the user, with the partners key information, relevant to the user. Organised in categories.

In the loop internal intranet – Boundless’s internal intranet included key employee information like a designed structure chart of all employees, easily updated as changes were made by HR. I also created icons for all the perks and sections of the intranet to make it visually appealing for navigation.